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January 8, 2017

New Year New Goals

Do you have a hard time saying goodbye to Christmas and saying hello to the New Year? I do! My son was almost in tears as I took down the Christmas tree. We may have had a pity party for ourselves. It is hard to let go of what is familiar, fun, and cozy to an uncertainty of a New Year. So here you are treeless and ready to take this year by storm. Wait...maybe you aren't. Maybe you are scared to see what this year is going to bring, not ready to set new goals yet, not ready to wake up so early and teach, wishing your Winter Break could last forever. Okay, now we all know we can't just hibernate at home and watch Netflix and eat popcorn. (That sounds so nice though doesn't it.) Here is to a new year a new 2017 made of goal setting and marking our check-list off! 

Your students are coming back from Winter Break and we all know how that can go. You need to be on your game. You have made a resolution to stay more organized, make check-list... and actually check them off, keep up with homework, keep your desk clean, keep up with the newsletter, and the list goes on and on! Now, you are probably thinking how in the world am I going to do this and stay accountable? Here is where I come in to save the day! My goal is to make your life easier by creating resources that are low prep and engaging for your students. I want you to have more time do to the things you want and most importantly love to do! So here is to another New Year full of hopes and dreams and more time to spend on what we love to do! 

Just like you set goals for yourself, you want your students to set goals. Use this freebie to help them set their 2017 goals! 

 Click the Link Below to get your New Year Freebie! 

I would love to help you lighten your load this year and help start checking off your To-Do List! What do you say? Here's to a year full of time spent doing the things you love! 

Here are some more New Year's Activities that will engage your students and save you time!

Happy New Year!