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April 17, 2016

3 Test Prep Strategies

Testing time is here and we all know it can be a stressful time. We all want our students to be successful and feel confident going into the test. I always try to find fun and motivating ways to encourage my students. Keeping a good attitude and staying positive is a great start. I have always struggled with test anxiety and do whatever I can to help my students feel confident and ease the anxiety as much as possible. 

I wanted to share a few testing strategies/tips that I use in my classroom. 

Setting your students up for success is so important. You have been working so hard all year long and now it is time for your students to show what they know. Talking about key words and about the test is very beneficial. I always feel like by doing practice test and talking about what to expect, students have less anxiety. I have my students complete a test tip poster that is very helpful. We talk about ways we can prepare for before, during, and after the test. 

Creating a positive atmosphere in your classroom sets the mood for the test. You are a part of the atmosphere as well, so staying positive will rub off on your students. Make them feel good about themselves. Encouragement, encouragement, and more encouragement! I put little notes on their test throughout the year, and this time is no different. They love coming in to a note on their desk telling them how proud of them I am. I also place posters up around the room weeks before the test to give them praise and test taking tips. They love reading these and talking to me about them. 

Be prepared for testing day. My students often times come into my classroom on testing day without eating breakfast. I made sure to have muffins and fruit for them to eat before we started the test. I make sure my tables had dividers already set up. My schedule is already set and I know which students need to go somewhere else for testing. I always have music going on in the background when my students come into the classroom. I also have some type of testing encouragement (make sure to grab this freebie) on their tables. They look forward to this so I make sure it is extra special on testing days! You are setting the tone for testing day so keep it calm and positive. 

This is such a stressful time of the year. Stay encouraged and positive and know you have given all you can and now let your students fly! They are going to do great! Believe in them and yourself. You have done such a great job preparing them to this point! I hope these tips were helpful! I will pray for all of our students! Good luck! 

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